A Reader’s Memories

I received an interesting email from a reader much like me, detailing some of her spanko memories. She has graciously agreed to let me post it here. I love the idea of collecting many such memories in one place, allowing their similarities and differences to be more easily recognized.

It has been a very long time since I ever looked up anything related to spanking, for various reasons that I don’t think it important to get into.

But, for some reason I did today, and surprisingly (probably because of the search engine I used) it did not send me 1,000,000 results that I’d seen dozens of thousands of times before. I’m glad it didn’t, because it brought me to your blog, something I must admit that I would have by passed had I been given any of the other normal websites.

I am… I supposed at any length, a Spanko just like you are.  Hmm….well perhaps, not ‘just like’.  But alike in so many aspects. I’d like to share some of my own experiences with this interesting interest if you don’t mind.

I don’t remember either exactly when I became interested, but unlike you, I felt like something was wrong.  You just didn’t get interested by something like that. When I was little I was spanked (nothing huge, I was a pretty good kid so the most I ever got was a couple swats with the hair brush or a swat or two with a hand).  But I have always been fascinated by ‘over-the-knee’ I even remember at one point, I don’t remember why or when but both of my parents were in the living room and I went to one and laid down on their lap.  I don’t remember if I even said anything I think I did but I’m not sure, anyways, that parent gave a few half hearted swats then I went to the next who did the same.  It didn’t last much longer than that, I don’t know why, but for whatever reason one of my parents said something like ‘enough, go play.’

I also remember being in my after-school (I was probably about five or six) and I remember going into one of those small plastic houses and me and a friend were playing house.  -If I could ever play house I tried to, but not like most girls it wasn’t so I could be the mommy, it was more so that I could be the little kid and get in trouble…. a bit of psychoanalysis there may say that I was acting it out in my games since I normally never would have dared- But any time I could I would try to get my friend… never it seems the really close friends… but I would get them to either be the mom or dad and get them to have to punish their ‘child’.

I even remember a friend a while back complaining that she didn’t want to play house or it may have been a teacher/child game because:  ‘you’ll just try to get in trouble’.  *grins*

When I was about ten I moved and we lived with my uncle, aunt and their two boys.  I was extremely close to my younger cousin and he and I would play games a lot.  We would even play games just like I did with my friend at after school.  (regrettably my cousin has certain health problems and I always had to be careful never to hit ‘too hard’ because he bruised very easily and visited doctors a lot.  Although he was very willing to play these games…. sometimes I wonder about him, myself *another grin*)

I was probably no older than about ten or eleven when I first typed in ‘Spank’ into a search engine (and admittedly it was much easier to find the ‘good stuff’ back then). I loved to read the stories more than looking at pictures and I hated (-/+) seeing boys or guys *shrugs* just IMHO guys aren’t supposed to be the receivers.  I liked more pictures where girls were receiving, guess it makes me feel like I’m one of those girls (incidentally I have never really care much for the ‘mother spanking daughter’ scenes)

My first and most serious boyfriend was the first person I ever expressed the desire… well, that’s not entirely true.  I experimented with being a Sub a few times, which honestly really isn’t for me, I’m too hard headed. My boyfriend was fairly willing to help me out, but it always irked me whenever he told me ‘I don’t want to hurt you’. *rolls eyes*

I was, I believe in tenth grade the first time I wrote a spanking story.  I was sitting in my math class at the time.  (Isn’t that funny?  You’d never know that that shy girl in your class just may have been writing spanking fan fiction)

You’ll like this one.

I was in high school, my senior year and in my drama class. I was standing a few desk away from my own and talking to a friend who was sitting at her own.

I can’t remember exactly what happened but next thing I remember is that I feel and hear “SMACK!” and I turn and see one of my classmates. I think I said something but don’t remember exactly I want to say he said something like ‘you’re on my desk’ but can’t exactly remember that either. Always surprised me that no one ever said anything, not even the teacher who was in the room at the time!

(By the way, I, a few days later actually found him on AIM myself and he and I started talking.  I was terribly shy in school and never would have asked any kind of question to his face, but as you said in a post here, online feels so much easier.  I did ask him why he did that and he replied:  ‘because you’re cute and seem oblivious to it, so I thought I’d give you a wake up call.’  something like that seem impossible to ever happen to me, so I can tell you, I was stunned).

I’ve had other small incidents over the last few years.  A co worker while I was a server.  One of my managers at a store I worked in would threaten to ‘take me over his knee’  (half heartily I think) I even lucked out (?) to find a few chatrooms full of people who shared my one interest.  Mind you, these were more Dom/sub chatrooms, but one I went to was perfect.  It was fun, the second one not so much.

Anyways, I thought maybe you would find it interesting yourself to hear a little about someone else and how it’s gone on for them, especially when things are so different but yet so same.

Oh, and by the way when I was much younger I did the same things.  I read the definition as many times as possible, I looked in the thesaurus and would look for those words, etc.  Anything would fill me with intense fascination. And my best place to find them?  Cartoons, (One of my all time favorite cartoons is an older cartoon about a little car wanting to become a speedster (?) but his Taxi cab father doesn’t want him to.  The little car does something to make his father mad and his taken over his tire-lap and has his little trunk raised to show a little bottom and has his little bottom smack probably about six or seven times.

My other fave was a cartoon I actually had the tape of until it for some reason got lost.  Was about a little grizzly bear that doesn’t want to hibernate, that he’s not afraid of ‘jack frost’.  He is in his room and his mom is getting him ready for bed, but when she puts him in bed he sneaks down into the covers and out of the bed.  His mom catches him as he tries to sneak by her and scoops him up, lifts his nightie and gives him a few good swats  ten maybe-…. I remember rewinding and playing that part over and over, and even using the ‘slow’ on the VCR remote.)

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I am a man in my twenties from the Midwestern United States, and a lifelong spanko. I was never spanked growing up, no matter how much I wanted to be.

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  3. sheena February 9, 2012 11:35 am #

    hey! i enjoyed reading this, it was like reading somthing i myself would have said, and everything you described was exactly how it was for me, tho i didntt write stories, i love to draw and i would scetch out scenes, even at a young age. i was spanked growing up, and i read somewhere that contributes to this fetish, but i know other spankos who have never had a hand risen against them growing up. i happen to be very forward with it, and am not ones definition of shy and i believe that is the greatest diffrence between us having a ‘need’ to be in a sub/dom relationship is somthing to be proud of haha :). my favorite comics was when superman(?) would decide that all the villan needed was a spank ;D

  4. Jade February 20, 2012 1:15 pm #

    Same same same same. The looking up in the dictionary, the threats from random people…it was like they could smell it on me, or like I had a tattoo somewhere. The day I realized I wasn’t alone was a grand day indeed. Thanks for this.